Keep it fun for everyone by following the rules below:

Never :-?  Always :-)
 Never carry, food, drinks, glass, or cigarettes on to the dance floor.  Always listen to the Teacher or DJ to designate the dance and the count in.
 Never walk through a line of dancers to cross the floor.  Always walk around the outside of the floor or wait for the dance to finish.
 Never stand on the floor to talk if a dance has started leave the floor for a chat. Always go to the front of the floor when starting a Dance so others can line up behind you.
 Never start a different dance unless its a floor split or there’s room at the back of the floor.  Always dance with the flow of the dance being done.
 Never stop in the middle of the floor to teach someone a dance.  Always go off the floor to teach someone to dance.
 Never let your feet, knees, arms or elbows become a dangerous weapon on the floor.  Always take neat steps when the floor is full.
 Never show off crazed variations, turbo spins, high kicks and jumps, it put people off YOU.  Always do variations at the back of the floor away form beginners.
 Never dance in bare feet, socks or high heels.  Always give way to partner dancers around the outside of the floor.
 Always encourage beginners, remember you were once a beginner too.
 Always apologies when caught in a bump even if was not your fault.
 Always replace split drink you accidentally knocked over (it can happen when rushing to get to the floor)
 Always show appreciation for Teachers, DJ’s and Live Acts they work hard for you.

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